Physical Therapy Aide

Job Description

A physical therapy aide is an office aide trained in procedures related to physical therapy. It can be a starting career or a career to move to office management or administration and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts job growth but with positions getting more competitive. Physical therapy aides can have a lot of responsibilities including office work, prep work, and carrying out tasks from a physical therapist or a physical therapy assistant to make physical therapy sessions more efficient. Office duties can include managing appointments, filling out patient paperwork, and ordering supplies. Prep work can include cleaning the treatment area and setting up the proper equipment. Other tasks may include aiding patients to the treatment area and explaining terminology to patients.

Physical Therapy Aide Career Options

A job as a physical therapy aide does not require education beyond high school or licensure and most training is done on the job. Physical therapist aides can move on to office management at a higher level if there is an opening and some use it as a spring board to continue with education to became a physical therapist assistant or physical therapist. The experience in a physical therapy environment is a positive factor for acceptance into physical therapy schools.

Physical Therapy Aide Salary

A physical therapy aide’s salary will vary because of many reasons including location and employer. Geographical location will affect the salary to meet cost of living demands and an employer can choose how much work a physical therapy aide does  and how much to pay them. The BLS report for May 2009 reports a mean annual wage of $24,990 which equates to $12.01 per hour.